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The ai solution for back-office automation

Higitus automatically analyses, processes, correlates, verifies and archives all the data available to your company, streamlining, simplifying and making administrative and documentary procedures more efficient.

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experts in all kinds of data

From Big Data to the interpretation of unstructured texts, we are able to extract, analyse and interpret any kind of data.

Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka & Apache Spark experts
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A new era has begun:
welcome to industry 4.0 world

KAILAB is Sogetel’Digital Transformation Lab dedicated to the research, design and implementation of innovative technology solutions for the industrial sector.


The platform for monitoring and remote diagnostic of devices, machinery and industrial assets through Industrial IoT technology and Artificial Intelligence.

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The remote smart maintenance system that leverages augmented reality and assisted video communication to improve operations in any industrial environment.

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simplified data management

Distributed systems, smart construction of NoSQL environments and time series analysis in a Blockchain ready platform.

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Apache Cassandra & Kafka
Cloud Managed Platform

Zencluster provides a fully managed and secure cloud service for creation, management and monitoring of your clusters. Build scalable applications with Open Source technologies.

Discover our managed platform and related services.

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blockchain ready?

Verifiability, data security and reliable processes at the heart of business projects.

Thanks to our know-how, we can help you redesign your company's processes and guide its digital transformation through DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).

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5G: a revolution in everyday life

Faster download speeds, lower latency, ultra-wideband and massive IoT to connect large numbers of devices.

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SPS Italy returns – Sogetel again with TIM EnterpriseCorporate
26 May 2023

SPS Italy returns – Sogetel and TIM Enterprise together again

We are excited to share with you Sogetel's experience at the TIM Enterprise booth at the SPS Italia exhibition in…
17 March 2023

Sogetel @Sangfor Epic Summit 2023 Dubai

On March 7-8-9 and 10, we attended the Sangfor Epic Summit 2023, held in the city of Dubai and sponsored…
10 February 2023

Sogetel @ “L’Intelligenza Artificiale oltre le connessioni”

Next Tuesday, 14 of February 2023, we will be in Turin to participate in the event "L’Intelligenza Artificiale oltre le…