Cloud Managed Platform
Apache Cassandra & Kafka

Zencluster provides a fully managed and secure cloud service for creation,
management and monitoring of your clusters. Build scalable applications with Open Source technologies.

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The first complete Time Series platform

Isaac TS is the solution for time series analysis to configure, manage, and monitor all the technical components of an IoT data management system. A DB+Services architecture, enabling across different industries and use cases.

Collect the most valuable insights for your business, in Real Time.


We are Blockchain-ready

Discover the power of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to streamline operations and make value transfer efficient and safe. Discover how this can redesign your business processes and drive your digital transformation towards the future.

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The AI solution for the back-office automation.

Higitus automatically analyses, processes, relates, verifies and archives all data available to the company: streamlining, simplifying and making efficient the documental and administrative procedures.
Start analysing the hidden relationships between heterogeneous sources to extract
business-critical information, thanks to advanced Machine Learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing.


IIoT, Big Data and Machine Learning
for your 4.0 factory

KAINET is the turn-key Industrial IoT solution that optimizes production processes, monitors any industrial machine in real time, and develops predictive maintenance scenarios to reduce downtimes.
Kainet allows you to:

  • Connect any machine or device through an edge/cloud IIoT solution
  • Store Telemetry data into a Big Data cluster (Cassandra) and relational data into a SQL DB (PostgreSQL)
  • Aggregate real time data through business analytics systems and create process rules
  • Analyse problems starting from data collected through advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Monitor machines status, OEE parameters and other KPIs through customised dashboards, predictive notifications and alerts.
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We are Cassandra and Kafka experts

We support your business in designing high-performance distributed systems,
constantly available and scalable.

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that best suit your needs.

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Are you ready for 5G?

We have been doing this for a long time, studying together with TIM how to take advantage of the new possibilities offered by 5G networks for the development of new generation services in real time.

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4 December 2019

Siamo stati proclamati vincitori di IoMOBILITY AWARDS 2019

Lo scorso 27 Novembre, si è tenuta a Roma la cerimonia di chiusura della prima edizione di IoMOBILITY AWARDS. Una…
13 June 2019

5G in Industrial Operations: abilitare la trasformazione

Per le organizzazioni attive nel comparto industriale il 5G è il principale abilitatore della digital transformation, e intendono quindi implementarla…
23 July 2019

Diffusione 5G: l’Italia tra le Nazioni con il primato per sperimentazioni e realizzazioni.

Il report “Global Race to 5G” di Analysys Mason, società di consulenza che ha iniziato questa ricerca nel 2018 in…