Isaac will attend the big party organized for IoT birthday!

On April 17, we will be at the final conference organized by the IoT Observatory of Politecnico di Milano on the occasion of the 20th birthday of Internet of Things.
Here, we will officially introduce the latest product from Isaac world... Stay tuned!

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The scalable, modular and flexible 4.0 platform that reinvents industrial manufacturing processes

An Industrial Operation Platform that, starting directly from the data, creates new models of collaboration and business.


Predictive Analysis

Improves the customers
service quality and keep
the replacement cars costs down.

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Plug & Play Isaac
Unleash the power of Big Data

Isaac is a different approach to the Big Data world: a NoSql Data Base Management Platform to collect and manage any data from any data source. Only a few and simple steps to build a performing and powerful Big Data environment, with no impact on your technical infrastructure.

No need of Big Data experience?

You don’t have to be a Data Scientist or an expert. With Isaac solution you can start working without specific skills.

No need of time to start?

Your Big Data in a coffee break: only 15 minutes to start and cut down your time-to-market. The BEST results in the fastest way.

No need to write code?

Save your time and energy; with Isaac your Big Data analytics solutions is at your fingertips. Codeless installation and configuration.

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Big Data: the Italian contributions to the
Apache Foundation are branded Satellite Volta

Find out our Research and Development
project based on Cassandra database.

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What is Machine Learning and what are the application areas

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22 November 2017

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