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Discover our Data Streaming solutions for large scale distributed environments, thanks to which we allow you to perform all operations in real-time.
We provide you with simple and intuitive control systems and dedicated connectors, useful for the integration of the application with data management services.

why we chose apache kafka

Kafka is a leading streaming and queuing technology for large-scale applications. Kafka works by taking the message stream, reliably storing it on a cluster of nodes and allowing this set of streams to be received by message processing applications.

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Kafka is used in application architectures for different purposes:

  • IoT, sensor data analysis: offers the possibility to manage the enormous amounts of data generated by the sensors, with very low latency.
  • Batch Processing – Real Time processing: through stream processing it is possible to make changes or transformations of data during the flow, in real time.
  • Microservices and asynchronous communication: it can be used as a tool for the exchange of asynchronous messages in an ecosystem of micro-services. It speeds up communication between applications and reduces the risk of information loss (fault-tolerance).
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High throughput and high availability

Kafka achieves high throughput and high availability by using a distributed cluster of servers.

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Zero down time

Kafka uses load balancing and data replication to allow scheduled maintenance of individual nodes without down time.

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High scalability and reliability

In addition to its scalability capability, Kafka is highly reliable thanks to data replication.

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It can be integrated with external data processing systems such as Spark Streaming.

Apache Kafka service packs

Sogetel offers a range of consulting services designed to help you accelerate the adoption of Apache Kafka

Design & Architecture
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We offer you a project for the development of a tailor-made PoC (Proof of Concept), based on your specific needs, evaluating the application of Apache Kafka technology on a case by case basis.

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Configuration & Infrastructure
Kafka pack

We provide you with a review of the operational implementation of Apache Kafka to identify and resolve configuration and infrastructure issues.

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Project Support
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We bring our experience in distributed application technologies directly to the heart of your development project.

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Kafka pack

We support you in the complete security of an Apache Kafka cluster through an authentication and authorization system (Kerberos) and data encryption (SSL encryption).

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Tailored pack

Contact us to discuss together the definition of a tailor-made project that can meet your specific needs.

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Thanks to Apache Kafka, Isaac TS maximizes the power of Time Series analysis through smart data modeling and infrastructure monitoring tools.


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