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Cassandra is a distributed NoSQL Open Source database, designed to handle large amounts of data and ensure high reliability without single point of failure. The Cassandra database is designed to handle large volumes of data and transactions without downtime.

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High Performance

It guarantees the most consistent performance compared to the most popular NoSQL alternatives, thanks to the architectural choices with which it was built.

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High scalability

It allows you to add additional nodes hot without creating inefficiencies and thus achieving an increase in performance in terms of the number of operations handled per second.

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High availability

Data is automatically replicated across multiple nodes for fault tolerance and across multiple data centers. This means that faulty nodes can be replaced without downtime.

Apache Cassandra service packs

Sogetel offers a range of consulting services designed to help you accelerate the adoption of Apache Cassandra

Design & Architecture
Cassandra pack

We offer you a project for the development of a tailor-made PoC (Proof of Concept), based on your specific needs, evaluating the application of Apache Cassandra and Spark technologies on a case by case basis.

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Data model & Performance
Cassandra pack

We implement a complete reshaping of the data model and query modes to achieve high performance and ensure maximum scalability.

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Configuration & Infrastructure
Cassandra pack

We provide you with a review of the operational implementation of Apache Cassandra to identify and resolve configuration and infrastructure issues.

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Project Support
Cassandra pack

We bring our experience in distributed application technologies directly to the heart of your development project.

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Database Migration
Cassandra pack

We guide you in the migration of your database to the NoSQL Apache Cassandra DB, minimizing the risks of intervention.

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Tailored pack

Contact us to discuss together the definition of a tailor-made project that can meet your specific needs.

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