this is the percentage of un-structured data which are present on average in the companies. (Gartner)

the explosion of unstructured data.

Un-structured data are growing exponentially. How can we optimize its management, which is very often limited? The need to analyse and use all types of data within a company is becoming increasingly evident: not doing so means ignoring 80% of usable information. To solve this problem it is necessary to automate the processes that manage and extract value from both unstructured and structured data, using a single framework capable of interpreting and organizing all available sources.


Higitus automatically analyzes, processes, relates, verifies and archives all the data available to the company: streamlining, simplifying and efficient documental and administrative processes.

Thanks to an innovative semantic engine and Machine Learning algorithms, the system is able to simulate human cognitive abilities.

The quality of the analysis and the efficiency of the system are improved by the combination of the potential of semantic technology and those of «Natural Language Processing». Higitus also allows companies to identify and analyze hidden relationships between heterogeneous sources to extract relevant information to support strategic business processes.

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Classification into categories

The input documents are automatically classified by the system thanks to advanced statistical and semantic analysis of the text that allows their categorization.

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Key concepts extraction

The information is extracted through natural language processing algorithms that allow to recover significant key concepts and entities and to automate business processes (Robotic Process Automation).

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Indexing and research

Documents are indexed and archived. Data indexing allows the system to enable the search engine, allowing you to perform advanced and extremely performing searches.

The advantages you get with Higitus

up to


of automation

up to


of precision

Optimisation of process performance

Minimisation of risks related to human error, improving efficiency and ensuring the normalisation of activities with quality standards.

Customer care quality

Reduction of response times, increasing the quality of request resolution, with a significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

Reduction of costs and time

Reduction manual processes operative costs and time thanks to a level of automation of the processes that allows to better use the human capital.

Advanced scalability and performance

Ability to support any process and business need in a correct and efficient way, exploiting its full potential.

Control and prevention

Process monitoring and automatic detection of anomalies, improving the accuracy of fraud detection.


Simplify the management of back office processes.

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