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We are excited to share with you Sogetel‘s experience at the TIM Enterprise booth at the SPS Italia exhibition in Parma, Italy. This extraordinary event, dedicated to industrial automation, provided an ideal platform for Sogetel and TIM Enterprise to present their innovative solutions and consolidate a successful partnership.

In the industrial field, our mission is to help companies increase operational efficiency, improve productivity and achieve excellence in the digital environment. Participating in TIM Enterprise’s booth at the SPS Italia exhibition provided us with an important opportunity to showcase our expertise and cutting-edge solutions.

Our joint booth attracted the attention of many visitors, who showed great interest in the solutions presented by our experts, who were ready to provide detailed information and demonstrate how our solutions can improve industrial operations and optimize efficiency.

Sogetel’s participation at the TIM Enterprise booth, with our Kainet platform, consolidated our strategic partnership and demonstrated the added value we can offer together. We had the opportunity to share our experience, specialized expertise and innovative solutions with a wide range of professionals and industry leaders.

We are grateful to TIM Enterprise for this fruitful collaboration and look forward to continuing to work together to offer even more advanced solutions and create a positive impact on the industry sector.

For more information about the event: SPS Italia

SPS Italy returns – Sogetel again with TIM Enterprise